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VF makes Superchargers for many popular Audi Models including the S4, RS4, and R8.

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VF makes Superchargers for many popular BMW Models including 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series and the Zs.

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VF makes Supercharging kits for many popular Volkswagen models including the Jetta, Golf, Eurovan, Touareg and R32.

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Maintaining the original BMW Smoothness and Reliability Were Huge Key Factors in the VF Design.

VF has harnessed the consistent delivery of the Vortech V-series superchargers to create the ultimate supercharger system for the ultimate driver's car.... The M3 maintains a very good record for reliability despite being such a high performance car and this was an essential quality to maintain with the VF kits. In late 2008, VF purchased a new model M3 and chose to create a complete aftercooled supercharger kit. This is no small task; this kit has to work on a customers brand new $60K+ automobile with reliability and factory-like drivability.

System Components

- VF custom tuned software
- 6 psi manifold boost pressure
- Cast aluminum supercharger manifold and supercharger inlet
- Integrated Air / water induction cooling system
- Upgraded Bosch fuel injectors
- Recalibrated Mass Air Flow sensor
- VF Recalibrated Bosch ECU
- Switchable 91, 100 octane, valet and anti-theft program modes
- OBD2 compliant for dealer diagnostics
- Fully reversible conversion
- Precision Made in California, USA

Please note: components will vary depending on application.

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